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New management team at Georgian Bancorporation

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Atlanta, Ga., USA - July 7, 2009, Atlanta, Ga., USA - Georgian Bancorporation announced that Lynn Darby is new chairman of the Georgian Bancorporation, Don Rolader chairman of Georgian Bank, and John Poelker new president and CEO.

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Mr. John Poelker is a 40-year veteran banker, having served as Chief Financial Officer at BankAmerica Corporation, American General Finance, and Old National Bancorporation. He has been involved with and consulted with Georgian Bank for four years, and in December 2008 joined the firm as full-time consultant, working daily at the Georgian Bank offices.

Mr. Lynn J. Darby will assume the role of Chairman of the Board for Georgian Bancorporation, Inc. He has been involved with Georgian Bank for six years, and was one of the founding Directors when Gordon Teel sought investors and leadership to infuse the then Powder-Springs-based Georgian Bank with a $50 million private placement. Mr. Darby is a retired partner with Ernst & Young, one of the big four accounting firms.


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