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Trubion Pharmaceuticals announces transition in leadership

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Seattle, Wa., USA - November 17, 2009, Seattle, Wa., USA - Trubion Pharmaceuticals announced that Peter Thompson, president, CEO, chairman and co-founder of the company, has retired. Steven Gillis, former lead director of the board, has been appointed Executive chairman of the board and acting president.

Dr. Thompson has entered into a consulting agreement with Trubion and will be available to advise the company on various matters.

In addition to serving as Executive Chairman and Acting President, Dr. Gillis is a Managing Director with ARCH Venture Partners, where he participates in the evaluation of new life science technologies and the development and growth of ARCH's biotechnology portfolio companies. Dr. Gillis was a founder and director of Corixa Corp. and served as the company's CEO from its inception and as its Chairman from 1999 until its acquisition in 2005 by GlaxoSmithKline plc.

Before joining Corixa, Dr. Gillis was a founder and director of Immunex Corp. From 1981 until his departure in 1994, he served as Immunex's Director of Research and Development, as Chief Scientific Officer, and as CEO of Immunex's R&D subsidiary. Dr. Gillis was interim CEO of Immunex Corp. following its majority purchase by American Cyanamid Co. and remained a member of the board until 1997. Amgen Inc. acquired Immunex in 2002.


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