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5,700,000 pigs dead: African swine fever continues to spread in Asia

Christian Fernsby |
The latest update from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) highlights how African swine fever (ASF) is continuing to spread in Asia.

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The update shows new outbreaks in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, South Korea and on the Russian side of the Chinese border reported during the first week of November.

Meanwhile, formal confirmation is awaited of ASF outbreaks in Indonesia. The FAO reports that more than 4,500 pigs are said to have died in 11 regencies/cities in North Sumatra. Dead pigs were also found in a river. FAO is liaising with the Indonesian authorities to ‘confirm the cause and explore needs’.

Elsewhere, the report says 5,700,000 pigs have been culled as disease has spread across all 63 regions in Vietnam since the first outbreak was reported in February 2019.

The official ASF figures in China put the number of infected herds at 161 across 32 provinces, with 1,192,000 pigs culled. However, Government figures show the Chinese pig herd has declined by 40% since last year, with Rabobank estimating the herd has fallen from in excess of 400 million prior to August 2018 to around 200m as a result of the disease and herd liquidations.

In the Philippines there have been a total of 24 ASF outbreaks in nine provinces/cities on Luzon Island, with nearly 70,000 pigs have been culled. New cases have been found in Caloocan City and Malabon City in Metro Manila.

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