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African swine fever outbreak registered at Lithuania's largest farm

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The outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) was registered at a farm with around 20,000 pigs in Northern Lithuania, announced the country's State food and veterinary service (VMVT).

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"An emergency inspection has been carried out in the farm following the death of 24 pigs in recent 3 days," said VMVT in an announcement.

"ASF virus has been found in the samples," confirmed VMVT.

The affected farm in Lithuania belongs to Danish meat producer Idavang. According to local media, Idavang's pig farm in Northern Lithuania with a herd consisting of about 20,000 pigs is the largest in Lithuania.

The farm itself informed VMVT about the suspicion of ASF to carry out an inspection. Idavang says it collaborates with State officials and provides all the information requested.

"All pigs on the farm unfortunately have to be utilized," Idavang said in a press release on Tuesday.

The Idavang farm in Lithuania is an integrated farm with 1,200 sows and annual sale of 40,000 pigs. The herd is insured, said the company.

ASF outbreak at the country's largest pig farm marks the 4th year of struggle to fight the virus in Lithuania.

VMVT informed on Tuesday, the ASF outbreak at the Idavang's farm in Northern Lithuania is the 41st ASF case registered at the country's pig farms this year, compared to 30 cases at the pig farms for the whole 2017 and 19 in 2016.

The number of ASF cases found in wild animals is 1,116 for this year so far, compared to 1,328 in 2017 and 303 in 2016, according to VMVT.

ASF virus is not harmful to humans, but is lethal to pigs and boars.

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