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Almeria exports over 405 million auxiliary insects

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In the first six months, Almeria-based companies devoted to biocontrol for agriculture have exported a total of 405.69 million auxiliary insects for biological pest.

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Those companies also exported 31,790 bumblebee hives for the natural pollination of plants, according to the Animal Health service of the Agriculture and Fisheries Unit of the Sub-Delegation of the Government of Spain in Almeria.

The said agency has compiled the figures of animal exports from January 1 to June 30, stressing that "we are still in low season when it comes to the export of insects for biological control and bumblebee hives," so an increase in the number of commercial operations is expected soon, as it is in the months of August, September and October when such exports peak.

The main destinations for Almeria-based companies supplying auxiliary insects are Morocco, Algeria, Canada and Turkey, which use them mostly for vegetable crops.

Some new destinations for the export of auxiliary insects and bumblebee hives include countries like Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Jordan, Honduras, Oman, Tunisia and Chile.

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