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Australia announced expansion of market access for pig meat from UK

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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of Australia has expanded market access for uncooked and cooked pig meat products from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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This expansion will allow for importation of uncooked pig meat for further processing on arrival from Northern Ireland and cooked pig meat products from Great Britain.

These expanded market access opportunities are in addition to existing market access for uncooked pig meat (for further processing on arrival) from Great Britain and retorted pig meat products from both Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Importation of pig meat into Australia is only permitted when strict import conditions, including the requirement for an import permit, and certification requirements have been met. Food safety requirements also apply.

As the department is currently working on the relevant system changes, it is not yet possible to find an application form for these products in BICON. It is expected that the new pathway will be live in BICON in early January 2018.

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