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Austria launches social services for agriculture and forestry

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Green Care is a joint project of the Austrian Chambers of Agriculture. It adds the social component to the competences of farmers.

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The project "Green Care" was launched by the Vienna Chamber of Agriculture in 2011. Just one year later all other Agriculture Chambers already cooperated in the initiative.

Green Care covers many products in the social sector which are in most cases offered in cooperation with social agencies and institutions right on active agricultural and forestry holdings.

Austria is confronted with a series of societal challenges, among them ageing, job integration, job loss caused by psychosomatic and mental disorders or burnout.

The many challenges in society and agriculture require new impulses and solutions. Green Care offers valuable concepts for societal challenges in the education, health and social sectors.

Green Care is an issue in many parts of the Rural Development Programme 2014 - 2020.

Especially Measure 16.9.1, which is to foster the horizontal and vertical cooperation of agricultural and forestry actors to provide and develop social services, encourages and promotes the establishment, the development and the preparation of concepts for the field of social services of agriculture and forestry.

A system unparalleled in Europe is also the certification system which has been developed specifically for Green Care and ensures quality and security in all types of Green Care Farms.

By means of specific further training programmes outstanding professional skills can be guaranteed for Green Care across Austria. This creates a win-win situation for society and agriculture.

The product range offered by Green Care comprises farms as places of work, education, health and living.

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