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Bird flu found on farm in German poultry area

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A case of bird flu has been found on a turkey farm in Lower Saxony in northern Germany.

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This is one of Europe's largest production regions. It is not yet certain what variant of the disease it is, state authorities said on Wednesday.

Tests are underway to see if the disease is of the high risk H5N8 type, but 8,400 turkeys on the farm in the Vechta area will be culled regardless of the outcome, the Lower Saxony state agriculture ministry said.

Another farm in Lower Saxony also suffered a bird flu outbreak in November when 108,000 birds were culled.

The contagious H5N8 strain has been found in around 540 wild birds in Germany in recent weeks but few cases were found on farms after the government introduced tougher sanitary rules to prevent infection by wild birds.

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