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Brazilian agribusiness export down 8.8%, eggs up 53.5%

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Brazilian agribusiness exports grossed $88.22 billion in 2015, down 8.8% from $96.75 billion in 2014, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply said.

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Imports plummeted 21.3% to $13.07 billion. The ensuing trade surplus was $75.15%. Agribusiness products accounted for 46.2% of total exports from Brazil last year.

According to the ministry, despite the decline in sales figures, volume increased for several products. The amounts of soy, soy bran, raw chicken and green coffee beans exported from Brazil were the highest ever.

Soybean exports fetched $20.982 billion, down 9.8%, but shipped volume was up 18.9% to 54.3 million tons. The Ministry reported that in 2014, Brazilian soy was exported for $509 per ton. Last year, the average price dropped to $386 per ton, a 24.2% decline.

Soy bean, bran and oil were the top-selling product group, grossing $27.957 billion, down 11% from 2014. Beef exports reached $14.7 billion, down 15.5%, and forest products’ exports fetched $10.33 billion, up 3.8%. Sugar and ethanol exports reached $8.5 billion (-17.7%) and coffee exports fetched $6.16 billion (-7.6%).

The leading importing region was Asia, at $38 billion, down 3.2% from 2014, followed by the European Union at $18.2 billion (-14.9%); Nafta (United States, Mexico and Canada), at $7.7 billion (-6%); the Middle East, at $7.2 billion (-0.4%); and Africa, at $5.8 billion (-11.2%).

Eggs exports from Brazil soared 53.5% last year to 18,740 tons, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) reported this Monday (11). Revenues amounted to $24.1 million, up 43.2% from 2014. â– 

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