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Brazilian beef exports picked up in May

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Brazilian beef export volume and revenue increased year-on-year in May, the Brazilian Meat Exporting Industries Association (Abiec) reported.

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Exports fetched $503.5 million in May, up 8% from May 2015. Shipped volume stood at 129,800 tons, up 14%.

The top buyer was Hong Kong, followed by China, the European Union, Egypt, Russia, Iran, United States, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

In a press release, Abiec stressed the relevance of the top two buyers so far this year. “Less than a year since it reopened its market to us, China is already our second leading buyer year-to-date. That supports our positive expectation of matching 2014 export levels, when we shipped a total of 1.5 million tons of beef abroad,” said Abiec president Antônio Jorge Camardelli.

Hong Kong imported $96.1 million worth of Brazilian beef in May, at 28,000 tons. China bought 20,300 tons for $84.4 million. The European Union imported 10,200 tons, spending $62.3 million in the process.

Raw beef was the top-selling product in May, grossing $397 million at 100,000 tons exported, up 17% and 16% respectively.

Year-to-date through May, Brazil exported $2.3 billion worth of beef, up 1.4% from the year-ago period.

Shipped volume reached 609,700 tons, up 12%. The leading importers from January through May were, in this order, Hong Kong, China, European Union, Egypt, Russia, Iran, Chile, United States, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

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