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Brazilian poultry exports climbed 15% in August

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Over 400,000 tons of poultry were exported from Brazil in August, the third biggest number on record for the industry, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) said.

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A total of 416,800 tons of poultry were shipped abroad from Brazil, up 14.6$ year-on-year from 363,700 tons in August 2016. The numbers comprise all chicken products, from raw to processed items.

Revenue hit $690.6 million, going up 13.1% from $610.5 million a year ago.

“August marks the overcoming of a rough quarter-two scenario. We expect positive numbers to come in the next few months, offsetting losses and leading to a higher whole-year result than 2016’s,” an ABPA press release quoted CEO Francisco Turra as saying.

Year-to-date through August saw 2.92 million tons of poultry exported, down 2.3% year-on-year from 2.99 million tons in August 2016, although revenue slid by 6.3% to $4.88 billion from $4.59 billion through August 2016.

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