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Costa Rica: Authorities seized 6,800 kg of Dutch onions

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The authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Costa Rica, in coordination with the Fiscal Control Police, seized in the few last days 6,800 kilos of onion coming from the Netherlands.

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They lacked the phytosanitary permits or risk analysis required for the importation of this product.

These actions prevent damage to the health of consumers because this onion does not have the residue analysis of agrochemicals required by our legislation.

In addition, they prevent the possible entry of quarantine pests that could affect the national production.

The confiscation also punishes the evasion of taxes that the cargo should have paid through customs, if it had met the requirements. The value of the onions seized is estimated at ¢ 11.5 million.

Authorities suspect that these shipments entered through the southern border.

The operations that resulted in the confiscation were made at the National Wholesale Food Distribution Center, CENADA, and at the Wholesale Market located on Avenue 10. In both cases, it was coordinated with the market administrations.

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