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Cuba looking to increase fruit production

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A report of the Cuban Institute of Tropical Fruticulture Research (IIFT in Spanish) says today that strategies are being developed in order to boost production of citrus and other fruits.

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The report of the Cuban News Agency (ACN) says that investigations point to plantation yielding and raise the quality of the fruits destined to consumption by the population, industry, tourism and for exports.

The release quoted IIFT's director Guillermo Almenares as saying that investments are being made in protected crop houses and nurseries.

They also carry out this work to obtain certified leaf buds of citrus, in order to renew in two years' time the areas dedicated to fruit crops in the island, to increase production.

He stressed they work jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agribusiness Group, in order to increase exports of pineapple, mango, avocado and other crops, as for their characteristics and quality these Cuban products are highly considered in the world market.

Almenares referred that due to the devastation of plantations caused by the Hhanglongbing or HLB, infestation bacteria that affect citrus, the planting of new 18,000 hectares of fruits has begun as well as one 1,300 hectares of citrus fruits throughout the island.

As for this last figure, he asserted that 1,000 were already planted in the Empresa Agroindustrial Victoria de Giron of Jaguey Grande, in Matanzas province that stands out for its economic management and contribution to the country's development.

Among the services of the IIFT, there is advisory on management systems, of quality, monitoring of fruit flies, management of illnesses of high economic impact on citriculture, as well as pre-feasibility studies of business with foreign investment.

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