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EU farmgate milk prices stand at €33.38/100kg

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The January EU weighted average milk price stood at €33.38/100kg (29.59ppl), up €0.33/100kg (1.0%) on the previous month, says AHDB.

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In pence per litre, the price was up on December by 0.87ppl (3.0%). Compared with the previous year, the weighted average EU price for January was up €3.64/100kg (12.2%), this was an increase on the year of 6.53ppl, up 28.3% in sterling terms.

The average UK farmgate price in January stood at €29.89/100kg (26.49ppl), which was the second lowest price of any nation in the EU15, above Portugal, in both euro and sterling terms.

However, the UK price published is an estimate. The price reported by Defra was 27.13ppl (€30.61/100kg), which would still be the second lowest in both euro and sterling terms.

The EU15 weighted average price stood at €33.90/100kg (30.05ppl) in January, €0.38/100kg (1.1%) up on December, and was €3.57/100kg (11.8%) higher than the January 2016 average.

Looking at the top-five milk producing countries for this month (Germany, France, UK, Netherlands and Poland), the average January price was €32.59/100kg which was a €0.35/100kg (1.1%) increase compared with the previous month.

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