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EU fully uses duty-free quota for poultry supply to Ukraine

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The European Union, since the entry into force of the economic part of a free trade area with Ukraine on January 1, 2016, has fully used a duty-free quota for exports to Ukraine of poultry products of 8,000 tonnes.

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According to a report on the website of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club association, the main supplier countries of this product to Ukraine became Britain, Germany and Poland.

The use of an additional duty-free quota for poultry has not started.

In addition, within the quota 20,100 tonnes of sugar were supplied within a 30,000 quota issued to the EU. The quota for pork in the amount of 10,000 tonnes was 11% used. The main suppliers of this product were the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. The use of an additional quota has not begun.

The association said the EU has duty-free quotas for supplies to Ukraine only on three positions.

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