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Ukraine uses 100% of quotas to supply agricultural products to EU for 7 items

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Ukraine as of June 9, 2017 used 100% tariff quotas on supply of honey, corn, sugar, barley cereal, wheat, preserved tomatoes, grape and apple juices to the European Union (EU).

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According to a posting on the website of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry, 97.69% of quotas on supply of malt to the European Union, 91.5% of barley quota, 50% of butter quota, 50% of poultry quota, 28.44% of oats quota, 28.02% of other sugar-contained products quota and 23.18% of starch quota were used.

In addition, 18.42% of additional poultry quota, 13.64% of milk powder quota, 7.25% of egg quota, 1.18% of ethanol quota and 0.27% of milk, cream and condensed milk quota were used.

As reported, the European Parliament has supported the proposal of the European Commission to increase tariff quotas for honey, corn, barley, oats, cereals and processed grain, grape juice from Ukraine.

At the same time, the European Commission's proposal to raise quotas for Ukrainian wheat, tomatoes and urea was not supported by the deputies.

In September 2016, the European Commission proposed to increase the annual tariff rate quotas for some goods from Ukraine: maize by 650,000 tonnes, wheat by 100,000 tonnes, barley by 350,000 tonnes, cereal and processed grain by 7,800 tonnes, oats by 4,000 tonnes, honey by 3,000 tonnes, grape juice by 500 tonnes and preserved tomatoes by 5,000 tonnes.

According to the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, Ukraine can supply 36 goods to the EU without tariffs within the limits of the approved volumes of tariff quotas.

In particular, the quotas for beef supplies amount to 12,000 tonnes, pork – 40,000 tonnes, milk, yoghurts, fermented milk products – 8,000 tonnes, milk powder - 1,500 tonnes, butter - 1,500 tonnes, egg products - 1,500 tonnes, eggs – 3,000 tonnes.

For wheat, quotas were determined at a rate of 950,000 tonnes, barley – 250,000 tonnes, maize – 400,000 tonnes, sugar – 20,000 tonnes, honey – 5,000 tonnes, processed tomatoes – 10,000 tonnes, grape and apple juice – 10,000 tonnes, oats – 4,000 tonnes, garlic - 500 tonnes.

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