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EU glyphosate vote delayed again

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A planned vote on the future of the world’s most widely used herbicide in the European Union has been delayed again in light of persistent concerns over its safety.

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Member state representatives on the European Council’s Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed were set to vote on reapproval terms for glyphosate, the current license for which expires in June.

This follows the first postponement in March, when member state ministers were expected to wave through the Commission’s plans to relicense glyphosate for 15 years.

However, ahead of the vote France’s environment minister Segolene Royale announced that the French government would vote against approval.

This was followed by statements from the governments of Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden declaring that they would vote against reauthorisation unless the vote was postponed until health concerns had been cleared up.

It now remains to be seen whether a vote will take place in the coming weeks or whether the European Commission will be required to cast the deciding vote.

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