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EU imported 4% more Moroccan fruits and vegetables in 2019

Christian Fernsby |
According to data from the Office of Statistics of the European Union, Eurostat, processed by FEPEX, the EU's fruit and vegetable imports from Morocco grew by 4% in 2019 compared to 2018, totaling 1.4 million tons, while Spain's increased by 8%, reaching 430,299 tons.

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The EU imported 859,095 tons of Moroccan vegetables.

Tomatoes stood out the most, with 481,706 tons and a 7% growth compared to 2018.

Meanwhile, fruit imports stood at 533,065 tons, with the most important products being watermelon and oranges.

In the last five years, the EU import of Moroccan vegetables has grown by 26%, and that of fruits by 53.6%.

Within the EU, Spain is one of the main destination markets for Moroccan exports, despite the overlap between crops and production schedules.

In 2019, Spain imported 267,360 tons of Moroccan vegetables; 10% more than in 2018.

Fruit imports stood at 162,939 tons; 4% more.

In the last five years, the Spanish import of vegetables from Morocco has grown by 62% and that of fruits by 126%.

For FEPEX, the growth of EU imports of Moroccan products that compete directly with the Spanish is a cause for concern, especially in the case of tomatoes, as the volumes foreseen in the Association Agreement have been greatly exceeded.

The EU's import of Moroccan tomatoes shows a constant growing trend, totaling 481,706 tons in 2019 and recording a 26% increase over the last 5 years.

Meanwhile, the Spanish export in the same year amounted to 767,000 tons, with a constant downward trend and a 20% reduction.

This means trouble for the greenhouse vegetable sector, given the difficulty to compete with Morocco's low production costs.

In the 2019/2020 campaign, this trend has continued, with a growth of 7.8% in the period between October 2019 and January 2020.

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