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Spain will hire 10,400 Moroccan agricultural workers

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Spain announced it will hire a total of 10,400 Moroccan seasonal agricultural workers, mainly to work on strawberry, red fruit and citrus farms in the 2018 agricultural season.

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The Spanish government came with this news after a meeting held in Madrid on January 18 between representatives of agricultural firms and officials from the General Directorate for Migration.

The workers will take part in the strawberry and berry campaign, which will take place in April and June 2018. According to a article, the seasonal migrant workers will head back to Morocco after the end of the campaign.

Agricultural associations have made requests to the Spanish government to allow them to hire 16,000 seasonal workers, 10,000 of whom will be recruited for the first time. Preselection for the seasonal farming operation will take place from January 29 to February 2.

There are about 71,587 Moroccan workers in Spain’s agricultural sector, and 59,830 Romanians. Both groups combined account for more than half of the total workers in the sector.

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