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First ASIC verified shrimp enters U.S. market

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The first shrimp verified by the Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) is hitting U.S. markets.

True Food Kitchen is one of the first U.S. buyers to initiate an ASIC partnership to source whiteleg shrimp from ASIC Shrimp Level 1 verified farms in Thailand.

“Environmental and social well-being are closely linked. ASIC shrimp reflects that relationship between livelihoods and sustainability,” said Wendy Norden, Seafood Watch science director.

ASIC approaches shrimp aquaculture improvement by fostering this improvement with the farmers and stakeholders themselves, enabling ASIC farms and processors to provide environmentally and socially responsible shrimp with fully traceable supply chains.

“ASIC is the first improvement program that’s built by stakeholders from the Southeast Asian region, which fosters greater change and stewardship,” said Rosanna Contreras, ASIC chair.

Shrimp is one of America’s most popular seafoods with the majority of shrimp found in US markets imported from farms overseas.

Roxanne Nanninga, sustainability director at Thai Union North America, stated: “We are excited to be bringing the first ASIC shrimp to the US market. We plan to continue to grow and develop the farms taking part in this innovative program.”

“ASIC shrimp checks all of the boxes for our priorities,” stated Taylor Domet, director of culinary standards at True Food Kitchen.

In the coming year, ASIC plans to organise visits to its farms in Southeast Asia for engaged buyers and chefs to further educate on the importance of sourcing ingredients from responsible supply chains.

“The industry has been turning a blind eye to shrimp aquaculture for too long. ASIC is a groundbreaking initiative that is leading the way to revolutionize shrimp aquaculture and we’re thrilled to be a part of it,” Mr Domet stated.

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