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Foie gras producers in Bulgaria to get $5.3 million to curb bird flu

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Bulgaria is providing 9.7 million levs ($5.3 million) to poultry farmers to help contain a bird flu virus outbreak.

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The highly pathogenic virus has spread to 60 poultry farms since mid-December, prompting veterinary authorities to cull over 450,000 birds, agriculture ministry data showed.

Outbreaks were reported mainly in duck-fattening farms in the southern region of Plovdiv where some 380,000 ducks had to be culled in a serious blow to output of fattened duck liver in the European Union's poorest member state.

"We are giving about 10 million levs mainly to the farmers whose ducks, geese, chickens and birds had to be culled," Prime Minister Boiko Borisov told ministers at a cabinet meeting.

"We have taken all measures to limit the negative impact from the infection, and there are no new outbreaks in the past three days. Let's hope we are successful, because Bulgaria is the second biggest exporter of foie gras in Europe," he said.

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