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Foot-and-mouth disease reported in South Korea

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Cases of foot-and-mouth disease at cattle farms in South Korea is raising concerns the country may experience a devastating epidemic that could spread to hog farms.

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At least two strains of the disease have been reported this week, according to Yonhap.

An A-type virus strain was most recently identified at a farm not too far from Seoul. On Tuesday, an O-type virus strain was found in central South Korea.

News of the virus has prompted a quick response from the government.

According to one provincial authority, 252,000 out of 486,000 cows have been vaccinated against both the A-type and O-type strains.

While vaccines are in sufficient supply to inoculate the majority of cattle, about 94,000 of the 486,000 bovines may only be vaccinated against the O-type virus, due to a shortage of the more comprehensive treatment that protects cattle against both strains.

There are strong concerns the disease could spread to hog farms.

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