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French robot cleans and sanitizes poultry houses

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The Tibot Spoutnic prowls chicken coop floors all day, every day, keeping chickens on their toes and at the peak of efficiency.

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Spoutnic, a small autonomous robot, debuted this fall at SPACE, an annual French livestock show that focuses on new technologies.

Spoutnic is designed to take the place of people who monitor chickens, regularly walking the coops to keep hens moving so they lay their eggs in nest boxes instead of on the floors.

In coops dedicated to raising broilers for the table, operators try to prevent the birds from staying dormant for too long for similar productivity reasons. Broilers experience greater weight gains when they’re more active.

Employing a robot for this drudgery has obvious health benefits for the chickens and for the people, although displaced chicken coop walkers may not see it that way.

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