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Grain output in Brazil to reach 227.9m tons for 2016/2017 harvest

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The 2016/2017 grain harvest is expected to reach 227.9 million tons, an increase of 22.1% (41.3 million tonnes) compared to the 186.6 million tons of the 2015/2016 harvest.

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The forecast is in the 7th Harvest Survey by the National Supply Company (Conab).

The higher output is a result of increased acreage and better average yield for the current harvest, helped by better climate conditions than last year.

Total planted area is expected to grow 3% in comparison with the previous harvest, with forecasts pointing to 60.1 million hectares in total acreage.

Output for soybean is expected to expand 15.4% to 110.2 million tons (14.7 million tons more than the previous harvest), partially the result of a 1.4% increase in acreage for the crop, expected to reach 33.7 million hectares countrywide.

Total planted area for maize is expected to reach 17.1 million hectares (a 7.3% expansion). In total, maize and soybean account for almost 90% of all grains produced in Brazil.

Total bean production is projected to reach 3.29 million tons, with total planted area of 3.1 million hectares. Cotton lint output is expected to grow 14.3% to 1.47 million tons, despite a 2.6% decrease in acreage.

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