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Greece wants feta cheese protected under deal with Canada

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Greek feta should have the same protection under the CETA trade agreement with Canada as other European products, Rural Development and Foods Minister Vangelis Apostolou said in an interview with Praktorio 104.9 FM.

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“Feta is a product that we want to see protected by the European Commission, exactly in the way that it protects the products of other countries,” Apostolou said.

He outlined the case he presented at the agriculture and fisheries ministers’ meeting held in Brussels about the lack of protection under the draft CETA agreement that is soon to be accepted for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) feta cheeses.

“We are just before the acceptance of an agreement that essentially leaves unprotected mostly feta and less so two other Greek products, Kalamon olives and Samos wine.

"We insist on feta, however, because it is a product that is the banner of geographic indications, not just in our country but in the European Union,” Apostolou said.

It would be very hard for the specific agreement to be accepted by Greek society and, of course, it would not be easy for it to pass in the Greek Parliament, he added.

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