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Hungary: Excellent year in agriculture in 2016

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The volume of output in Hungary increased by 8.5% in agriculture in 2016, to which the production of crop products contributed to a higher and livestock production to a lower extent.

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The volume of the former was nearly 13% and that of the latter 3.1% higher than in the previous year.

The output of cereals, industrial crops and live animals raised the performance of the branch, outstanding production of wheat, maize, sunflower as well as rape being harvested among others.

The volume of output of crop production rose by nearly 13%. Maize output increased by over a third, but wheat and barley also contributed with rising volumes to the growth. The total output of cereals was nearly a fifth higher than in 2015.

The volume of sunflower and rape also rose considerably, so the total output of industrial crops was up by over a fifth. The output of forage plants and horticultural products did not change significantly compared to the previous year.

By contrast, the output of fruits decreased slightly and that of potatoes considerably. The latter had a substantial upward pressure on prices.

The output of live animals grew by 3.9% and that of animal products by 1.2%, the total volume of livestock production rising by 3.1% as a whole. Poultry, pig and cattle output increased as well as – out of animal products – the output of milk.

The price fall of the latter continued, similarly to the previous year, which lowered the price level of the total product group.

The value of output of the branch of agriculture (including services and secondary activities) increased by 5.3% at current basic prices. Along with an 8.5% rise in volume, prices were cut by 2.9%. The price falls of crop products and of animals and animal products were similar.

The volume of intermediate consumption slightly rose (2.4%), while its price index changed at a similar rate but in the opposite direction. All essential components of expenditures were up based on first estimates.

Gross value added rose by 17% at prices of the previous year and by 13% at current prices. Labour input in agriculture, expressed in annual work units, decreased by 2.2%.

Factor income was 16% and entrepreneurial income 22% higher than in 2015. Real factor income per unit of labour force (indicator ‘A’) was up by 16%.

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