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JBS expect to euthanize 13,000 pigs per day

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JBS has announced that its Worthington plant will reopen to assist pork producers during these difficult times.

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A reduced number of staff, to between 10 and 20, will facilitate and manage the euthanasia process in collaboration with veterinary officials. The company anticipate that approximately 13,000 pigs could be euthanized per day, with the carcasses being rendered, sent to landfills, composted or buried.

“While our focus is on getting the Worthington facility back to work on behalf of our team members producing food for the nation, we believe we have a responsibility to step up when our producer partners are in need,” said Bob Krebs, president of JBS USA Pork.

“None of us want to euthanize hogs, but our producers are facing a terrible, unprecedented situation. We will do everything in our power to work with the state of Minnesota to responsibly reopen our facility as soon as possible in support of producers who desperately require a more viable option for their hogs.”

The meat processor has been working on measures they can implement to keep their limited number of staff safe during this time. These measures include temperature testing, physical distancing and increased sanitation efforts.

They said that these measures will keep the virus out of the facility and enable them to maintain operations.

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