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Kazakhstan claims that infected fruit and veg are imported from Kyrgyzstan

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Kazakhstan claims that infected fruits and vegetables are being brought from Kyrgyzstan and has threatened to re-introduce phytosanitary controls at the border.

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This was reported by citing the Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan.

According to them, 835 vehicles of Kyrgyz carriers were checked between 10 and 17 October.

Of these, one in eight was found to be in gross violation of the transport legislation of Kazakhstan.

As a result, administrative fines totalling 5.6 million Tenge (14,190 euros) were imposed.

"Since the strengthening of the phytosanitary controls, 127 trucks have been inspected, with a total of 20 violations detected. The total volume of the products returned amounts to 202 tonnes.

Three quarantine objects were identified: the Comstock worm, the eastern moth and the Asian fruit fly," the report said.

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