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Kuwait imposes ban on import of Indian poultry products over bird flu scare

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Kuwait has banned imports of poultry products from India in the wake of incidents of bird flu virus in some states.

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In October only the gulf nation's Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAFR) had lifted the ban on import of live birds, hatching eggs, one-year-old chicks for the egg laying hens and flesh hens from India.

"In the wake of incidence of outbreak of H5N1 virus in Tripura, government of Kuwait has imposed a ban on import of poultry products from India," said an official notice.

According to experts, as India mainly exports poultry products to the Middle East, this decision may impact exports prospects in the coming days.

In 2014-15, Kuwait imported 24.2 tonnes of poultry products, valued at $120,000.

India's poultry products export during April-December period of the current financial year increased to Rs 584 crore from Rs 484 crore in the same period last year. Egg production was around 78.48 billion eggs in 2014-15, while poultry meat production was estimated at 3.04 million tonnes.

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