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Kuwait resorts to fish farming project for food security

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Kuwait has completed a fish farming project to meet domestic demand and provide new investment opportunities, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) said.

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The project, which covers four types of fish and shellfish, aims to promote food security through reducing imports in line with Kuwait Vision 2035, said Samira Omar, the director general of KISR.

The current enclosures in Kuwait only provide 20 percent of local consumption, while the rest has to be met by overseas producers, she noted.

The KISR enclosures produce giant tiger prawn, giant river prawn, giant crab and Barramundi which bears resemblance to the popularly consumed seabass, she said.

All the four species can withstand Kuwait's hot climate and have been successfully raised in regions with similar scorching conditions such as Australia and Southeast Asia, Omar added.

Amani Al-Yagout, a fish farming researcher of the institute, said these species were selected because of their rapid growth and domestic demand could be met within a period of 6-8 months.

The institute plans to introduce the project nationwide, as it could produce 40 kg of fish for every square meter, KISR said.

In February 2010, the Kuwaiti government unveiled "Kuwait Vision 2035," a national development strategy designed to change the country's long-standing oil-reliant economic structure by building it as a trade and financial hub.

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