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Marine Stewardship Council reopens Unit of Assessment review

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The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Board of Trustees has re-opened its review of the MSC’s Unit of Assessment requirements following feedback by NGOs and industry.

The original policy decision, in January 2018, was due to be finalised in August.

However, a consultation with more than 50 interest groups found the majority did not favour the chosen solution, with many concerned that it would be difficult to operationalise.

Consequently, the Board has instructed the MSC to investigate alternative options over the next six months and produce a new solution which will be presented for formal consultation.

In its decision of 19 January, the MSC Board decided that, certified seafood would only enter MSC certified supply chains if it came from fishing trips on which all activities on the target stock were certified.

This "Chain of Custody" approach was subject to further analysis, testing, and consultation in line with the MSC’s consultation process.

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