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Namibia to continue exporting meat to China

Christian Fernsby |
Namibia has to date exported about 3,000 tonnes of beef to China, where demand continues to grow, official of Meatco, Namibia's leading meat exporter said.

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"We have so far sent over 130 containers of meat to China and this market is far much more lucrative to us as the demand continues to increase. We are continuing with the export of beef to China in the future as we sustain our European market," Meatco's Vice Chairperson Ronald Kubas said.

Kubas added that Namibia is considering importing cattle from Botswana for restocking to avert drought effects and improve their beef quality for export to both Asia and Europe.

"Drought is a recurrent nature of our country and we have put in measures to deal with this in future," he said.

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