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New Jersey to become 2nd largest U.S. peach producer

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The USDA August Crop Production Forecast for 2017 declares New Jersey’s peach production will rise to second in the U.S.

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The forecast, which is based on phone calls, mail, internet, and personal interviews with farmers in New Jersey and around the country, predicts state peach farmers will produce 48 million pounds of peaches this year.

“Conditions in New Jersey have been perfect for growing peaches this season, allowing farmers to have an extremely high yield of the juicy, sweet tree fruit,” New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas H. Fisher said.

“We want people to know Jersey Fresh peaches are plentiful and available at supermarkets, farmers markets and roadside stands. We appreciate the work the USDA does to keep produce buyers and consumers up to date on the current trends in the industry.”

New Jersey is on track to harvest approximately eight million more pounds of peaches in 2017 than it did last year, and is behind only California in peach production.

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