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China imports 2.97 million mt of wheat in 2015

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China imported 2.97 million mt of wheat in 2015, with Australia leading as the largest country of origin by shipping 1.26 million mt, China customs data showed.

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No comparison with 2014 data could be provided due to a lack of access to such data, Platts reports.

Canada was the second-largest supplier with 991,922 mt, and the U.S. sent 602,848 mt. Kazakhstan shipped 117,897 mt to China last year.

Corn imports amounted to 4.73 million mt, though volumes shrunk sharply to 194,558 imported in the fourth quarter, compared with 1.89 million mt in Q3, 1.42 million mt in Q2 and 1.23 million mt in Q1 2015.

Ukraine was by far China's the largest corn supplier in 2015, sending 3.85 million mt. Next were the U.S. (432,116 mt) and Peru (296,959 mt).

Barley imports amounted to 10.73 million mt in 2015, 4.42 million mt of which came from France, 4.36 million mt from Australia, 1.04 million mt from Canada and 819,950 mt from Ukraine.

The country imported 10.70 million mt of sorghum -- most of it, 8.97 million mt, from the U.S.

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