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Russia’s meat imports fall 1% to 289,400 tonnes Jan–Jun

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Russia’s meat imports fell 0.94% on the year to 289,400 tonnes and rose 25.88% in monetary terms to U.S. $917.3 million in January–June, as seen by PRIME in data of the Federal Customs Service.

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Poultry imports increased 18.78% to 111,300 tonnes worth $177.3 million, a 47.14% jump.

Fish imports went up 16.64% to 197,000 tonnes and 23.73% in monetary terms to $512.6 million.

Imports of milk and concentrated cream rose 15.19% to 113,800 tonnes worth $261.3 million.

Butter imports increased 34.51% to 58,000 tonnes worth $305.2 million.

Canned meat imports grew 3.33% to 8,400 tonnes worth $34.7 million, coffee imports increased 8.49% to 87,100 tonnes worth $295 million and tea imports went up 7.05% to 84,500 tonnes worth $256.8 million.

Raw sugar imports slid 96% to 7,300 tonnes worth $4.6 million.

Russia’s vodka exports rose 0.59% to 889,396 million dekaliters and 14.49% in monetary terms to $56.1 million.

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