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New minimum wages for Scottish agricultural workers

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A single minimum level of pay for agricultural workers has been agreed by the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board (SAWB).

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The following changes in agricultural wage rates come into effect as from April 1, 2017:

A single minimum hourly rate of £7.50 for all agricultural workers, irrespective of age and duties, that is equal to the UK Government’s National Living Wage.

The overtime rate for workers during the first 26 weeks of employment will start after 48 hours in the week is worked and at the rate of 1.5 times the agreed hourly rate above.

The overtime rate for all workers after 26 weeks continuous employment will start after 39 hours is worked at the rate of 1.5 times the agreed hourly rate above.

An hourly rate of £4.40 (an increase of 38p per hour) for workers who undertake a Level 2 Modern Apprenticeship in Agriculture.

An additional sum of £1.14 per hour for workers who have an appropriate qualification (an increase of 4p an hour).

An additional allowance of £5.60 per working dog (an increase of 11p per dog) up to a maximum of 4 dogs.

An increase in the daily rate of the accommodation offset for accommodation other than a house to £6.00 (an increase of 65p per day).

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