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Norwegian companies seek offshore aquaculture licenses

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Norway Royal Salmon and Aker have developed a new offshore aquaculture farming concept that facilitates sustainable growth in areas that the aquaculture technology has not yet been able to exploit.

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The two companies have submitted a joint application to the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries for development licenses for the farming of salmon.

“NRS and Aker have an industrial ambition to combine knowledge from the aquaculture industry with offshore competence,” said CEO Charles Høstlund of NRS and CEO Øyvind Eriksen of Aker.

“Should the Directorate of Fisheries grant us the development permits, we will establish a joint operation to develop the aquaculture farms of the future.”

NRS and Aker have developed a semi-submersible offshore farm designed for harsh environments. By placing the farms further away from the coast, the concept increases the area utilisation of Norwegian waters and will have a smaller environmental footprint.

The project involves the development and testing of a brand new type of aquaculture farm with greater capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions. NRS/Aker are applying for 15 development permits in order to realise the concept and test the facility in Troms/Finnmark.

These licenses will provide the economic foundation for carrying out significant investments in a future-oriented industry.

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