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Ontario farmers launch their own weather network

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Southern Ontario farmers are building their own weather network to more accurately record how conditions will affect their crops.

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The AG Grower Daily Dashboard project is designed to give farmers highly localized weather measurements that will better inform them about how to grow their crops.

The group wants to place 80 automated weather stations from Windsor to Chatham to record a range of elements, including temperature, rain, humidity and wind.

Weather stations will be placed on farms throughout the region and will send data to a technology centre by Wi-Fi. Reports will then be sent to farmers every morning. Those reports will tell farmers how much rain fell and whether all or just some of their land was covered.

The project is a collaboration between three cooperatives: AGRIS Co-operative, Wanstead Farmers Co-operative, and Haggerty Creek.

The first year will be free thanks to a provincial government grant of $558,554. Once the pilot project wraps up, annual fees are expected to be under $300.

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