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Peru: Mango exports to China increased 628%

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According to the National Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat), this year, Peruvian mango exports to China increased by 628%.

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The Sunat noted that bilateral trade with China was increasing, led by agricultural exports.

"There are other agricultural products that our country produces that are in high demand in China, such as asparagus, which had a 306% increase in air shipments," they stated.

They also indicated that, in the coming months, there could be an increase in exports of mandarins, blueberries, and custard apples, which also have a high demand in the Chinese market.

The Sunat highlighted the recent signing of 18 agreements to optimize the FTA with China, and the implementation of direct flights between the two countries

"The ongoing simplification and modernization of export procedures by the Peruvian Customs has made us an attractive trading partner for this world power," they said.

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