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Korea demands more grapes, mango, and organic bananas from Peru

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According to the Commercial Office of Peru in Seoul, agricultural exports to South Korea amounted to $40 million in 2015, 55% over the previous year.

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The products with the highest demand by the Asian giant were table grapes, frozen mango, and organic bananas, which accounted for 90% of Peruvian shipments to this country.

Estimates for this year are that the positive trend will continue. In February fresh mango imports generated sales worth $437,000 dollars.

Apart from fruits, the Korean market is also demanding other products, such as maca and quinoa.

In 2014, non-traditional exports to this country were mainly composed of three sectors: fisheries, agriculture and textile, and garment, with shares of 80%, 60% and 5%, respectively.

However, by the end of 2015, those shares had changed to 53%, 30% and 9%, as non-traditional exports increased by 3%.

According to the commercial office, Korean firms are starting to visit Peru more because of the interest that the domestic products generate. In January, two Korean companies visited Peru in search of camu camu and sacha inchi.

In February, another company arrived in the South American country in search of mango and organic bananas.

This month, Peru expects the visit of two Korean firms in search of beans, purple corn, and mango. In turn, several Peruvian companies who are searching for customers for frozen and fresh mango and fresh would be arriving in Korea to participate in the Foodex Fair this month.

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