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Poultry exports from Brazil down overall, up to Asia, Egypt

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Shipped volumes of chicken meat were down 5.7% year on year in July, but China was a major buyer.

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Sales to all Arab countries combined went down, but Libya, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt stepped up their imports.

July saw 364,600 tons of raw and processed poultry products exported from Brazil, down 5,7% year on year in July. Export revenues came out to USD 498.2 million, down 25%. The numbers are from the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA).

Year to date through July, exports increased 0.5% to 2.471 million tons, with revenue sliding 11.4% to USD 3.642 billion.

The ABPA highlighted sales to Asia, at 988,300 tons through July, up 12.7%, from a year ago. China was the leading importer at 406,800 tons, up 29%. Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam were also major buyers.

Shipped volume to all Arab countries combined was down 7% to 853,300 tons. Saudi Arabia ranked first at 245,000 tons imported, down 13%. The UAE followed suit at 173,100 tons, down 21%.

Poultry exports went up to Libya, by 100% to 39,300 tons; Bahrain, by 50% to 24,400 tons; Jordan, by 33% to 37,400 tons; Egypt, by 27% to 47,500 tons; and to Qatar, up 17% to 51,200 tons. Towards the end of July, Egypt ok’d imports of poultry based products such as nuggets and chicken sausage from Brazil.

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