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Poultry plant in Azerbaijan to start exporting eggs to Qatar

Christian Fernsby |
The poultry plant "Hajiqabul Qushchuluq" located in the Hajiqabul district of Azerbaijan will start exporting eggs to Qatar next week, Trend reported citing head of the plant’s export department Akif Aliyev.

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He said that 36,000 eggs will be exported in 1,000 packages.

"In the future, we plan to increase these volumes, and the negotiations are underway regarding this," he noted. "At the same time, we supply our products to Iraq and Iran, and to Afghanistan, where there is also demand for the plant’s products."

He added that the company has to increase exports to foreign markets, as there is little demand in the domestic market.

"Since this type of product is perishable, we have to export more, and this isn’t profitable, taking into account the cost of transportation, logistics and other issues," he said. "We have to constantly look for customers so that products don’t stand idle in warehouses, losing quality."

He noted that during the year the plant produces about 30-35 million eggs.

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