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Qatar interested in sheep importing from Azerbaijan

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Qatar, is another country interested in import of Azerbaijani small cattle. Agriculture Minister Heydar Asadov said that the main reason for this interest is the high quality of meat products produced from sheep and goats in Azerbaijan.

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“We are ready to export sheep to Qatar,” the minister emphasized.

Azerbaijan, in turn, has offered Qatar creating joint ventures, as well as a number of other priorities for cooperation, according to Asadov.

“We offered to set up joint ventures or to build logistic companies in Azerbaijan for the purchase of goods and their further delivery to Qatar. In addition, we have also proposed to conclede contracts with Azerbaijani farmers for the purchase of their products," the minister said.

Animal breeding is of crucial importance for restoring and protecting the country's food security, and it has already achieved positive results. The country is supporting cattle breeding sector, allocating multi-millions investments for the development of cattle breeding in the country.

Azerbaijan ranks the 58th among 109 countries of the world according to the Global Food Security Index 2015. It has improved its score by 7 points from its 2014 ranking. Last year, Azerbaijan was the 10th among Asia and Pacific countries.

The South Caucasus nation, with an access to the traditional markets, intends to look for new markets for its high-quality agricultural products which enjoy popularity and are in demand in neighboring countries.

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