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Quota-free exports of Serbian pork to China to begin in November

Christian Fernsby |
Quota-free exports of Serbian pork, dairy products, apples and maize to China will begin in November.

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Farmers are the ones to benefit the most from this and the domestic market will not be affected by the exports, Agriculture Minister Branislav Nedimovic told the RTS Friday.

Serbia is breaking into new markets for its meat, and baby beef exports to Turkey should begin in about ten days, he said.

Major agreements have been signed in China and Serbia has broken into a market it has never had access to before, he said.

"We have agreed unlimited, quota-free exports of pork of whatever quantity we can produce and whatever quantity they can and want to buy, and it is the world's largest market, and also the best-paying market," Nedimovic said.

There is talk of an initial quantity of around 50,000 t of pork, he noted.

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