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Soy exports from Brazil to exceed expectations

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Soy exports should reach 64 million tons this year, according to the Brazilian Vegetable Oil Industries Association (ABIOVE).

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The forecast predicts one million tons more than the previous one made in June, which pointed to 63 million tons. The association also revised up its forecast for soy output in 0.5% to 113.8 million tons.

For soy bran, ABIOVE expects an output of 31.5 million tons, against 31.1 million tons from June’s forecast.

Exports should also increase slighty against the previous forecast: from 15.50 million tons to 15.70 million tons.

Oil output is expected to reach 8.20 million tons, above the 8.10 million tons from June’s forecast.

The estimate for foreign sales of oil was kept at 1.3 million tons.

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