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St Helena to establish UK’s first one-by-one only tuna fishery

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The International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF), the St Helena government, the St Helena Fisheries Corporation have launched a new project to protect the island’s tuna fishery.

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It will aim to establish a conservation area throughout the entire St Helena maritime zone to shield a vast ocean area from harmful fishing activities and provide valuable protection for the local community’s low-impact, socially responsible tuna fishery.

“While many small island countries and territories have committed to partial no-take areas, this will take marine conservation to another level entirely,” explained Stephane Weston, business manager and COO of the St Helena Fisheries Corporation.

He added: “Imagine a 400,000km2 maritime zone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where dolphins, whales, sharks and turtles have no chance of encountering bottom trawling or baited longlines. There won’t be a single purse seine net to surround school of marine life.”

Through this project, IPNLF and local partners will create policies to promote and protect St Helena’s unique ecosystem, as well as the sustainable small-scale tuna fishery that has been part of island community for decades.

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