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Taiwan to start breeding Angus cattle

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Beef cattle farmers in Taiwan have recently introduced a popular breed of pure beef cattle into the country, in the hope of strengthening the local beef industry, an agriculture official said.

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They hope that Taiwan can begin commercial production of Angus beef five years from now, after more than 200 head were brought into the country for breeding in April, according to Wang Chung-shu, deputy head of the Council of Agriculture's Department of Animal Industry.

By that time, at least 5 percent of domestic beef supplies are expected to come from the Angus cattle, Wang said.

He noted that the local beef industry currently produces only 6 percent of domestic beef demand, with the remaining 94 percent relying on imports.

Of the 34,074 head of domestic cattle slaughtered for meat in 2016, 55 percent were dairy bulls, 35 percent were retired dairy cows, and 10 percent were working cattle such as yellow cattle and buffalo, he said.

However, meat accounts for only some 30 percent of the carcasses of dairy and working cattle, far less than the 42 percent of pure beef cattle, he said.

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