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Thailand and Taiwan will open up to Italian apples

Christian Fernsby |
With local authorities having approved the preparatory Memorandum of Understanding.

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Italian companies are ready to start exports to the two large Asian markets.

Taiwan will soon be able to taste Italian apples. In fact, last week the Taiwanese authorities approved the Memorandum of Understanding for the import of apples from Italy. This is the result of a fruitful cooperation started in 2016 between Taiwan (about 24 million inhabitants) and Italy’s Central Phytosanitary Service, in order to establish the operative modalities for the export of Italian apples.

“This is excellent news for our apple-producing companies,” Italian Minister for Agriculture Teresa Bellanova told “This adds to last April’s conclusion of the negotiations with Thailand for the export of Italian apples. Without forgetting the signing of the agreement for the export of rice and meat to China, and the earlier unblocking of the Brazilian market for our plums. These are large markets, and the agreements are more than encouraging signs for our companies put to the test in the last months by the Covid-19 health emergency.”

Now Italy’s Regional Phytosanitary Services are at work to verify the suitability of the companies interested in participating in the export programs. Once the companies lists are provided to the authorities of Taiwan and Thailand, it will be possible to start exports in time for the marketing of the 2020 apples production.

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