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The EU imported 3% more fruit and vegetables from third countries

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The EU import of fruit from third countries grew by 6.5% until June 2018, totaling 7,745 million euros, with South Africa being the first supplier with 920.4 million euros, followed by Costa Rica with 816.2 million of euros, Chile with 738.6 million euros and Morocco with 618.7 million euros.

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The Community import of vegetables from third countries stood at 1,576 million euros until June 2018, 9% less than in the same period of the previous year, with Morocco being the first supplier with 618.7 million euros, followed by a large distance of Turkey with 158.1 million euros and Egypt with 144 million euros.

By products, the banana is the most imported fruit with 2,105 million euros, followed by the pineapple with 1,447 million euros and grapes with 1,276 million euros.

In vegetables, the most imported by the EU from third countries are tomatoes with 401.8 million euros, followed by pod vegetables, with green beans being the most significant, with 322.5 million euros, according to data from the Department of Customs and Special Taxes of the Tax Agency processed by FEPEX.

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