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Turkish bell peppers rejected for exceeding MRLs

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A shipment with fresh sweet bell peppers coming from Turkey has been rejected and destroyed at the Bulgarian border.

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According to a report on the European Comission's Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, the Turkish bell peppers exceeded the MRLs for deltramethrin, an agriculture insecticide that is neurotoxic to humans.

According to the report on the RASFF website, the shipment was a classified as a serious risk.

The bell peppers were destroyed and have never reached the market, says the report on the RASFF portal.

The RASFF portal enables information to be shared efficiently between its members (EU-28 national food safety authorities, Commission, EFSA, ESA, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) and provides a round-the-clock service to ensure that urgent notifications are sent, received and responded to collectively and efficiently.

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